Well, it’s been almost a week, and I feel I owe you an update on the gluten-free experiment.  The trouble is that there hasn’t been any actual cooking around here.   The boy and I have both been feeling icky, which means that the boy has been eating a lot of fast food and frozen pizza, and I’ve been eating a lot of cobbled together meals (usually involving corn chips: corn chips and hummus, corn chips and guacamole, etc.).  On Sunday the boy cooked us a gluten-free meal of chicken and brown rice with a tomato and zucchini sauce.  I was so excited to blog about it: the main thing the boy cooks is spaghetti, so the from-scratch gluten-free meal was quite an achievement.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t wonderful.  It wasn’t awful, and we both ate it, but it just wasn’t what he was aiming for, so I’ll wait and post it when he’s perfected it.

Other than that, there hasn’t been a lot of real food going on here.  And I’ve been eating a lot of rabbity food.  And lots and lots of potatoes.  This is kind of the central conundrum of going gluten-free for me.  Given plenty of energy to grocery shop and cook, I feel like I could manage at least my 2 week trial without much trouble.  The problem is when a 10 minute drive to the grocery store seems utterly overwhelming and exhausting.  The 20 minute drive to Whole Foods – impossible.   Actually cooking real food??  No way.   Sigh.  Oh well.  If this works, and makes me feel better, then I will have energy to cook.

In addition to all of this, I’ve managed to make the whole experiment more difficult for myself.  I decided that I would not buy any specialty versions of staples: no GF flour mixes, no replacing all my standard sauces and seasonings with GF versions.  My theory was that if it works, then I’ll have time to go and buy all that stuff.  On the other hand, if it doesn’t work, what’s the point of having a bunch of GF stuff?  Plus, I had smugly told myself, “How hard could it be?”  Ahh, arrogance…how you always return to bite me in my smug ass.

Today the plan is to (despite all my resolutions) make a quick bombing-run style trip to Whole Foods, and get a few things to make my life a bit easier for the next week.  Also, I’ve heard Betty Crocker makes a GF brownie mix…this might require investigation.

Eat well!